Very Late, Update

Eight months? That's a very long time for a website to lay untended. If framed inside an understanding of marketing and audience retention it's a suicidally long time. One might be moved to wonder if I was sabotaging the site. I'm not.

The past eight months have seen some huge changes for Sula and I. The largest of which is we moved to New Brunswick and that move demanded an enormous expenditure of energy and attention. I simply had nothing left over to devote to The Crooked Crow. Now that we're settled, more or less, I feel like I can turn my focus back here.

So let's start with something Malazan related, because that series is the most incredible sequence of books I've ever read. kurist04, a fan of the series, has assembled an intro to the world of Malaz. Something to help new readers keep their bearings while they tackle the heavy plotting and unfamiliar names and nouns.

If you've been thinking about trying the series but have heard it's hard to get into or to keep track of, you may want to check out the guide, HERE

Happy Reading!