What's Really Going On In Bloodborne

I finished my first play through of Bloodborne last night and, while the larger story arc made sense to me, I was still scratching my head about some of the finer details.

Thankfully, Rich Stanton has produced a very detailed description of various story beats:
A few caveats. There’s simply too much lore to go into detail on everything, so fascinating places like Cainhurst, or even an in-depth look at the first hunter Gehrman, will have to wait for another time. Though this article is long, it remains the briefest of outlines. And, naturally, I may be wrong on some points - but everything here is sourced and illustrated, and I’ve kept interpretation to the absolute minimum.
WARNING: The article refers to story elements that are best revealed by the game itself. If you haven't finished Bloodborne yet, go away come back when you have.

Full Story: HERE