The Difference Between Perseverance and Masochism

Over at Offworld Laura Hudson has written a fascinating article about her experience with Bloodborne, and how, in a larger sense, the game unlocked for her what it is that draws people to the 'Souls' series:
If you're playing a Hidetaka Miyazaki for the first time, as I was, the learning curve is often steep; for hours and hours, it feels frustrating and painful, and sometimes incredibly unfair. But here's the trick: it's not. Over time, you start to realize that the game is actually fair in the absolute, and you even learn to trust it. When you die, it's not usually because the game is just mean; it's because you screwed up. Much like a martial arts master who knocks you to the floor every time you leave yourself open, it isn't actually trying to crush your spirit; it's trying to teach you. And if you're willing to listen, it will slowly transform into an incredible badass.
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