Bloodborne's Greatest Challenge and Weirdest Joke

Kill Screen has an article up about a feature of Bloodborne called Chalice Dungeons. They are randomly generated and populated dungeons which you create using in-game items and which you can share with other people via a pre-generated code.  Apparently, they hold some secrets from the main game:
Getting down to depth 5 is an ordeal many players will go through in order to encounter Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, a storyline figure who can’t be fought in the main game. Getting to her is tougher than the fight itself—you have to fight practically Miyazaki’s entire Rolodex of bosses and struggle through a cursed dungeon that halves your health. But there’s another reason to descend through the ruins: to get the game’s two most mysterious items, which players are still trying to puzzle out.
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