Writing Women Characters As Human Beings

I sometimes hear people complaining that they can't write women well, and perhaps ungenerously, I tend to think that's an empathy issue and that probably none of your characters are very rounded.

Kate Elliot has some actual advice on the problem:
Women and girls talk to other women and girls A LOT. If you are writing a hard-shelled patriarchal society, this is going to be even more true rather than less true, and in such a case your story will be less realistic if the female characters in the narrative only ever talk to or interact with men. It’s rare for women to live in isolation from other women—and in circumstances where they do, they are often eager for a chance to interact with other women even for a short time. In Molly Gloss’s novel The Jump-Off Creek, the chapter in which a homesteading woman, who lives in almost terrifying solitude, relishes the chance to spend a few days with another family offers a great example of this.
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