Joe Abercrombie: Progress Report

Extra-ordinary Joe must have a serious work ethic. Or maybe he's possessed by a writing demon? Or possibly he just loves what he does and wants to do it all the time? Whatever it is that drives him it's good news for fans of his novels because according to a progress report he just posted, he intends to deliver all three books in his new trilogy within 12 months.
Better yet, the second book in this trilogy, Half the World, is done too! Well, I say done, the finished second draft has gone off to my early readers for a first opinion, which I shall attend to and absorb along with some thoughts of mine during March to produce a totally done 3rd draft. Which will then go to editors for further changes. Some more detail on exactly how those processes go down in due course.  There’s a fair bit of work still to do on the book, that’s sure, but I think one would have to say that Half the World is looking very good for its provisional publication date of Feb 2015, a mere seven months after Half a King drops.
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Half A King - the first book in the new trilogy - releases July 2014.