On Persistence, And The Long Con Of Being A Successful Writer

Kameron Hurley writes frankly about the persistence required to establish and sustain a career in writing, even after you've had some publishing success:
Another book deal, this time a keeper, a year after my former deal imploded. Books on shelves. Elation. Joy. End of a long road, right? 
No. Just beginning. 
Arguments with my publisher over white-washed book covers. Late checks. Money that stops flowing. Then the publisher implodes, sells off its assets – including you and your books. 
Take it over leave it. Fight the bullshit. Rage. 
Sheer, unadulterated rage, that the work I spent a lifetime to see in print is now an “asset” a “property” a casualty of shitty business practices.
I fight the situation. I persist.
I sign a new contract.
The spice flows again.
But I’ve lost my joy for fiction.

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