Joe Abercrombie: Progress Report

Over on his blog, Joe Abercrombie has written up a handy progress report on his current writing projects.  The good news is book one of his new trilogy is done, and he's halfway through book two.  Also, updates on a new trilogy set in the world of 'First Law' and a brace of short stories.  It looks like there are a lot of words inside Joe that will be pouring out over the next few years.
But you know that righteousness never sleeps, and I’m already half way through a draft of the second book in the trilogy, Half the World.  Long time followers of this blog will know that the drafting is the bit I really dislike (a writer that likes writing? Puh-lease!), especially the front of a book, but I think this one’s starting to come together now, and will, of course, in my unbiased opinion, be FANTASTIC. I’m a little behind my initial, ludicrously over-optimistic schedule, but still well on target to have this one comfortably finished by the time Half a King is unleashed, hopefully with the 3rd and final book, Half a War, well underway.  I flipping despise those series which have themed titles that just change a little bit with each iteration, don’t you?  Then I went and did it.  I like to say that I’ve reinvented and subverted the concept, though, whatever the hell that means.  The dream is that these other two instalments will publish six months apart – so in Jan 2015 and July 2015 – but that’s very much not set in stone at this point. We shall see.
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