Fantasy-Faction's Best Fantasy Books of 2013

Maybe the last list of 2013, Fantasy-Faction has chosen their best fantasy books of the year:
Firstly, and fore-mostly, I want to say a huge thank you to every author, publisher and blogger involved in fantasy literature in 2013. I’ve been involved in the fantasy community for about four years now and this was BY FAR the very best year I’ve experienced in terms of the amount of quality fantasy published and the additional amount of passionate community involvement. 
For that reason it has proven impossible to do a top 10 for 2013, so we’ve been forced to come up with a top 25 instead. As always, there will be people who think some books on the list should be reordered, there will be some who disagree completely, but reading is a subjective thing and this is our opinion; I hope you will respect it  Oh yeah, and remember that although between our staff writers we read A LOT of books, we didn’t read EVERYTHING. 
So, PLEASE do leave a comment with your thoughts – we truly are interested in what you think.
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