Half a King: Joe Abercrombie Writes Young Adult Trilogy

I can't quite decide how to feel about this news. Joe Abercrombie is writing a young adult trilogy called Half a King. Aimed at ages 12-16, the first book is finished and will be published in 2014:
Before some of you groan in horror at this wounding betrayal of all you believe in, I also wrote this with established readers, and indeed with a wider adult readership, very much in mind.  In some ways it’s a very similar sort of book to what I’ve written so far.  It’s fantasy, but light on the fantasy, and heavy on the vivid characters, the visceral action, the mixture of wit and cynicism, the twists and surprises.  I hope that it will have a wide appeal.  But I don’t feel that I’ve compromised on the way I’ve written.  I think it’s as tough, surprising, challenging, and morally ‘grey’ as the rest of my output.
Okay. I love Joe's work and I will no doubt pre-order and swallow whole anything he writes, but I wonder why the detour into YA fiction? There's no way of knowing, so I'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

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