Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Here's a Kickstarter that snagged my attention. A French company called Loud'n Raging is making a series of female wargame miniatures:
  • Miniatures with tons of attitude, dynamic posing, exquisitely detailed sculpts
  • An amazing range of over 150+ unique sculpts planned
  • Sculpts that look exactly like the concept art
  • Utra-customizable multi-part troops, thanks to multi-part ball-joint system
  • Beautiful casts in super high quality metal and spin-cast resin
  • Outstanding pledge rewards compared to regular street price
  • An optional special delivery program that can ship your pledge in several waves to ensure you don't have to wait for months, with a first wave planned as early as September!
My regular gaming group doesn't play any sci-fi titles but this is an issue we run into often: the miniatures in many games are usually male, and if there are women represented in the game they're often 'evil' (like Morgana in Shadows Over Camelot).

Take a look at the models and consider chipping in.

Kickstarter Page: HERE