Jeff Noon: On Experiments in Writing

It's not strictly fantasy, and who except marketing drones gives a fuck about labels anyway, but Jeff Noon's first novel Vurt remains a powerful force in my reading history. One of the few books I've read which felt fresh and inventive and familiar simultaneously.  In advance of the anniversary edition, the wizards over at Tor have posted a lengthy and fascinating interview with Mr. Noon:
In many ways, Vurt is a typical first novel, in the sense of it being a depository for all the stray ideas that had built up over the previous years. At the time, I was passionate about becoming a playwright, and had a lot of rejection slips from theatres to show for that desire. Many of those very theatrical ideas went into Vurt, the novel. So, once again, a weird process. Over the subsequent years, I’ve realized that, at least for me, there is no one correct way of writing a novel, or even one easy way to do it. Every novel is journey in the writing. So, although in purely formal or thematic terms there is very little experimentation in Vurt as such, its creation was one long experiment; with no recognized or even hoped for result in sight.Vurt in so many ways was my indie-produced first album: my Slanted and Enchanted or my Murmur or my Surfer Rosa; that first blind leap into the unknown, driven by the urge to escape.
Full Story: HERE