The Sandman Reread: A Game Of You

Tor continues its reread of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series with A Game Of You:
Yes, some characters in this story have ties to previous arc, tenuously, and others will play larger roles before the series comes to an end, but for all of the resonant echoes delivered by A Game of You, the most impressive is that it’s just a really great tale. What seems at first to be Gaiman pushing the series further than it might be able to sustain (funny animals and fairy tales can be a bit much, especially in a comic that began its run in such a bleak yet ambitiously intelligent way) turns out to be exactly what Sandman needed to move away from the weight of its own central character. That isn’t to say thatA Game of You is light and airy—it’s not—but it clashes the vulnerability up against the ultra-menacing, and it smashes the visions of childhood reveries against the realities of burden and responsibility.
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