N.K.Jemisin Picks Her Most Anticipated Games of 2013

Over at The Book Smugglers, N.K.Jemisin (author of the excellent Inheritance trilogy) has selected her most anticipated games of 2013:
Anyway, I’m still very much of a gamer, even though I have less free time now. I also have less patience for games’ failings, which is why I no longer play some of the franchises I once loved. Still, there’s enough good stuff out there that at least tries not to insult my existence as a human being, or my intelligence as a grownup and a writer, that I keep playing. So on the theory that you care what media us writer-folk are consuming in our spare time, here’s a short list of what I’m salivating for in 2013.
DmC is on my list as well :)

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