Joe Abercrombie writes about The Hobbit Movie

With his usual style and analysis Joe Abercrombie has written up his thoughts on The Hobbit, and, like many other reviewers I've seen, finds it wanting:
To be fair, for a three hour film it never really got boring, I wasn’t squirming in my seat or anything, but, man, it really did feel padded out beyond recognition, with barely a sequence or conversation left intact and offhand allusions in the book converted into weighty additions.  An interminable pre-title with the elder Bilbo, a ponderous exchange between Gandalf, Saruman and Galadriel, an utterly unnecessary aside with Radagast.  I felt like I must be watching the extended edition, where every scene goes on just that bit longer than it needs to.  Sometimes a lot longer.  Sometimes even longer than that.  I thought they cut and sculpted the Lord of the Rings books very well for the original films but, you know, it’s one thing – surely a tricky, skilled and difficult thing but one thing all the same – to cut down a wealth of source material and maintain the feel.  It’s entirely another to add great wodges of your own stuff to quite slight material.  The dialogue in those new sections clunked, the voice-over creaked, and for me it ended up just not feeling very much like the Hobbit at all.
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