Joe Abercrombie: Interview

To coincide with the release of the new Joe Abercrombie novel, Red Country, there's an interview up at  Fantasy Book Critic, and Joe talks about all manner of interesting things:
A Game of Thrones was a very important book for me – it came at a time when I’d largely stopped reading fantasy and felt that it tended to repeat the same patterns over and over, was hugely predictable. So it really made my jaw drop in all kinds of ways, and demonstrated that you could be dark, unpredictable, realistic, and adult in every sense of the word while still writing what was very recognizably commercial epic fantasy. It was a big inspiration in trying to write myself, so I think it was inevitable that later books   wouldn't   be able to sustain that impact, if only because the first had gone off like a flashbulb in the darkness for me. 
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Red Country is out now