Red Country Facts & Figures

Joe Abercrombie's new novel Red Country is done and Joe has laid out some facts and figures about the process:
Hard to be absolutely definite about this, since the start of a project has always tended to bleed into the end of the previous one for me, but looking back at my blog posts I reckon Red Country took about 22 months to write, or at least I was in a similar position with The Heroes at the end of September 2010.  By the same assessment,The Heroes took about 19 months and Best Served Cold around 21.  The timings on the trilogy are lost in the mist of time but then things were different and more hobby-ish for much of that period, without a contract or even any serious intention of getting one while I was writing The Blade Itself, so it’s tough to compare.  I’ve a vague recollection that Last Argument of Kings took about 14 months – way my fastest book as well as my longest – but then I was bringing in characters and situations that were already well established, which is a lot easier than working out new ones.
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Red Country will be out on Kindle October 23 2012: Link