K.J. Parker interview

K.J. Parker's new novel Sharps is out this month and to celebrate there's a terrific interview with the reclusive novelist over at Pornokitsch:
In fiction, I believe that human nature is everything, and everything is human nature. Everything we do reveals something about us; the way we go about things, the techniques with which we impose ourselves on the world. In Chinese mythology they have those mirrors that reveal shape-changing demons and animal spirits in their true form; I think the work people do, the things they make, reveal what and who they are in the same way. It’s not really metaphor or allegory; it’s like a pantograph, or a machine tool, where you operate a lever or a turnwheel and the machine carries out a different but corresponding operation. Thus, the work people do shapes the sort of person they are (farmers, artisans, clerks, soldiers) – which is why, when Bardas Loredan took up making bows, he ended up making that bow; it was, so to speak, in his bones.
The full interview is HERE. Sharps is available on Kindle July 17.