10 Books Every Fantasy Author Should Read

Over at iO9.com, Charlie Jane Anders has compiled a list of 10 books every fantasy author should read and there are some surprising entries.
" I think Farah Mendlesohn's Rhetorics of Fantasy should be required reading for anybody in this genre. It might seem like dense academic language for some, but I actually found it clear and accessible as it broke down all fantasy into four broad taxonomic categories, then examined the commonalities — and exceptions — for each. For those writers who really want to understand the literary footsteps they're walking, and who find our current marketing-driven genre structure restrictive and confusing (e.g., is it URBAN fantasy or is it urban FANTASY?), this is helpful." — Jemisin, who also wrote the Inheritance Trilogy, beginning with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.
Naturally, it's all totally subjective, but lists should provoke a conversation, not end one.

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