Second Last Words - Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie provides more fascinating insight into the first draft process of his newest novel A Red Country:
Traditionally I’ve used six points of view in every book.  Just seemed a good number to get the right amount of variety and options for covering the action without the whole thing becoming too diffuse.  With The Heroes, as well as the six principals, I did some scenes that strung together quite a lot of additional points of view in one way or another – extras, you might say.  The idea was to spread out the scale, give a feel of the whole battle developing, take brief looks at people on both sides and at different levels of the chain of command and flesh out some characters seen at a distance.  On the whole they were pretty successful, I think.  With Red Country I wanted to try something slightly different, and work with two central points of view plus an occasional third.  By the time I’d written two parts that way, though, I was starting to think that was feeling a bit claustrophobic, and that even though I was aiming at a more stripped down, simple, focused style of story, I was missing a trick by not applying that extras approach to some sections of this book.  So in the third, fourth, and fifth parts I did some major scenes in that style of rapid movement between minor players.  Now I need to write a new sequence in that style to go in the second part, and rewrite a sequence that was previously from one point of view to be from many.

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