Joe Abercrombie: Fantasy Western

I admit I was skeptical when Mr. Joe Abercrombie revealed he was writing a fantasy western (in the same manner that The Heroes is a fantasy war novel) but here he's posted a synopsis and the presence of one particular rogue gives me optimism:
“Shy South comes home to her farm to find a blackened shell, her brother and sister stolen, and knows she’ll have to go back to bad old ways if she’s ever to see them again.  She sets off in pursuit with only her cowardly old step-father Lamb for company.  But it turns out he’s hiding a bloody past of his own.  None bloodier.  Their journey will take them across the lawless plains, to a frontier town gripped by gold fever, through feuds, duels, and massacres, high into unmapped mountains to a reckoning with ancient enemies, and force them into alliance with Nicomo Cosca, infamous soldier of fortune, a man no one should ever have to trust…”


  1. well, the man has got some talent. Whatever he writes feels like just the right thing. Even the speed at which he is he is producing novel is amazing. Now I have trust enough in him that I think he can write even Malazan standard books. (I hope he does.!!)

  2. Aye, he's got a way with words, no doubt, I'm just not that interested in a 'Western' setting. Plus, I was a bit cool on 'The Heroes' after loving 'Best Served Cold' (and his trilogy, of course). Then again, whatever Mr. Abercrombie produces will likely still be a pre-order for me; very few fantasy authors are funny in the same way as he is.


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