Scott Lynch on SOPA/PIPA

Mr Scott Lynch has written down some words regarding his thoughts on the SOPA/PIPA legislation:
These bills are an existential threat to what I'm doing at this very moment, writing this little piece and preparing to post it, along with some links, all the while NOT having to fear that my entire online presence will be blotted out in response, by someone acting on misinformation or in sheer bad faith, using extrajudicial powers that short-circuit all due process. 

These bills would strangle innovation, freeze free and open political communication, and destroy every common online space currently used to exchange communication ranging from casual chat to critical, life-saving information. They would crush the internet as we know it and savage the globally uplifting online economy. 

My books are published by a subsidiary of the forces currently pushing PIPA/SOPA. Any filmed adaptation of my books would be made by a subsidiary of these forces. They are my present and (hopefully) future employers, and they are cutting their own throats by supporting this nonsense. They are attacking me; they are attempting to curtail my freedom of expression, my ability to offer my work in a public medium, and your ability to get your hands on it. Hell, your ability to even discuss it.