N.K. Jemisin Recommends

Over at The Book Smugglers N.K. Jemisin has listed her favourite reads of 2011:
I haven’t had a ton of time to read this year. Cranking out five novels in a 3-year span will do that to a girl. Still, partly because my reading time is so limited, I’m very quick to discard a book if it doesn’t capture me immediately — so what’s listed here are the books that have swallowed me whole and only occasionally let me out for fresh air before swallowing me again. Consider everything here massively recommended, in no particular order.
And if there’s one perk of being a published author that I shamelessly take advantage of, it’s getting my hands on the good stuff early. So apologies in advance, but this list contains a lot of stuff that’s not out yet. More for you to anticipate!