Joe Abercrombie on Vikings (Skyrim)

(Extra)Ordinary Joe was interviewed for an article at The Escapist and has reproduced the whole interview here:
Well there’s always been a strong current of Viking inspired novels, both historical fiction (like Robert Low’s the Whale Road), fiction that mixes historical and fantasy (like MD Lachlan’s Wolfsangel), and out-and-out fantasy in invented worlds.  And Skyrim is far from the first fantasy roleplaying game to tackle the area.  I fondly remember the hugely flawed but very atmospheric Gothic 3, though it had nothing like the detail and grandeur of Skyrim.  Probably there’ll be some extra interest in the area, in the way that anything successful encourages imitation, but what I applaud about Skyrim isn’t so much that it uses Viking influences, as that it uses them with care and imagination.