Joe Abercrombie: Structure

One of the things I appreciate most about the internet is how many authors are using it to make the process of their work more transparent.  Many writers have blogs, or use twitter to keep in touch with their fans and I think it's useful for people who want to write, or people who are already published: seeing our problems and issues reflected back is helpful and inspiring.  In much of life, community is the answer.

Joe Abercrombie posts here about developing good habits and adapting ones life to writing every day:
It doesn’t help that most of us writers start out as hobbyists, amateurs, enthusiasts, burning the midnight oil after a day’s work at the day job to get a chapter finished for nothing more than our own amusement, hoping perhaps one day we’ll get published, maybe even make a living from it.  Things change as it shifts from being a leisure pursuit to a work one, and when, perhaps, against all expectations, you’ve finished that book or series you always dreamed of writing and have to think of something new you want to write, digging a little deeper for ideas and methods.  Inspiration and enthusiasm wane, perhaps, over the grinding years, and the shortfall has to be made up by earthier virtues of craft and application.