Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - House of Chains, Ch 5.6

Amanda and Bill lay out their thoughts on the re-read of the Malazan novels; Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Houe of Chains:
I like this flashback, showing Gamet’s part in when Felisin starts her path towards the otataral mines and then Sha’ik beyond. And Kollen must be Baudin — Felisin’s protector right from the very beginning at the behest of Tavore. From the sounds of it, the new Adjunct knew that she could only protect her parents OR her sister, and chose Felisin. People have been keeping their eyes on her right from the beginning, possibly questioning her loyalty, and so Tavore has had to forge an armour of Cold Iron.
In other news, I'm halfway through A Dance With Dragons, and while it's nice to visit with these characters again, nothing much has happened.  Thus far, it's all filler while we wait for people to take their places.  Right now, I'm anxious to burn through this and turn back to my own Malazan re-read (I am about to start Toll The Hounds), but maybe Martin has some surprises in store for the second half of the book.