Karen Miller - Favourite Female Characters

Orbit has tackled Karen Miller and asked her to write about her favourite female characters in speculative fiction (which is what they call 'Fantasy and Sci-Fi'):
Looking at all these favourite female characters, I can see they have a few things in common. They are brave and bold and never defined or judged by their physicality. They’re independent, not relying on men to save them or think for them or be their reason for existence. They love, but love is not their sole function in the narrative. Like Terry Pratchett’s women, they are fabulously interesting and entertaining human beings who just happen to be women … and they live lives of adventure and mystery and  purpose. They don’t exist as props for men.
I'm surprised how much credit Karen gives to Terry Pratchett - I haven't read much of him, and what I have read I found a bit twee - and she may have convinced me to give him a closer reading.  I'm also a little shocked there's no mention of Steven Erikson, whose books are filled with capable, compelling, multi-facetted women.

Source: Orbit