Joe Abercrombie - New U.S. Covers

The delightful and savage Joe Abercrombie has posted new cover images for the U.S. trade paperback re-release of The Heroes and Best Served Cold:
The cover is one of the most important tools a publisher has to actually sell a book – with the majority of books where your publicity and marketing budgets are going to be tiny, much the most important.  If a bookseller really likes a cover they might stock it much more prominently.  If they hate it they might refuse to stock it at all.  A great cover won’t necessarily make you a smash hit, but it’ll certainly go a long way towards it, and a bad cover can without doubt sink a book, so it’s vital that, whatever else, a cover have solid commercial concerns at it’s heart.
I was  bit underwhelmed by The Heroes (I'm a huge fan of the writing but I felt like I was on page 400 before I learned something I didn't already know from Joe's previous books), however I adore Best Served Cold, and really like the new cover:

I have the U.K. hardback but may have to order a copy of this to go along with it.