Writing Wrongs - Amanda Downum

Amanda Downum wrote The Necromancer Chronicles, which I thought sometimes uneven but often excellent, with an interesting and compelling character - Isyllt Iskaldur, the Necromancer - at its centre.  Here Amanda composes some thoughts on her novel writing process:
Now that I have a title and a blurb, I have to start worldbuilding. This is the fun part, usually. I have to create the Serpentine Kingdoms, their culture, the gods Ravana and her friends work for, etc. This will involve much googling and reading of Wikipedia, and probably digging through TrekEarth.com for awesome photos. I could start writing without the worldbuilding, but that leads to the hell of bracket notes. I also need to figure out who the antag is, and what the clashing goals are. That "rival priest" in the blurb isn't a real person yet. Right now I have a first paragraph written, but I can't get much farther until I can see the setting and know who the major players are.