Malazan Re-Read of the Fallen - Ch 25 & Epilogue

Amanda and Bill close out their re-read of Memories of Ice over here and it's understandably filled with emotion and anguish:
Those Bridgeburners are everything characters should be in novels: realistic, three dimensional, humorous, angry, mournful. Their dialogue is sarcastic and biting, but at times honourable. We’ve seen them despairing, desperate, furious, bantering and soldiering. We’ve seen the very best of them and, dear Gods, I’m going to miss them. Someone asked in the comments why I didn’t mention Hedge’s death particularly in a previous analysis—the fact was, I couldn’t face yet another of the Bridgeburners to have gone down. I love them. And this tiny remnant is almost worse than if all of them have died. The survivors having to dwell on the departed is more than painful.
Memories of Ice is my favourite novel, in any genre, by any author - it has everything I want out of a novel: compelling characters, interesting story arcs, awesome set pieces, pathos, humour, stone, swords... - and following along as Amanda reads it for the first time (and Bill re-reads) has been great fun.

The next in the series, House of Chains, was a jarring change of pace for me and I wonder how Amanda will take to it.