The Tyranny of Words

Over on his blog, the earthy and effervescent Joe Abercrombie lays down some words about words, and the counting thereof:
These days, when first drafting, fearsome professional that I have become, I aim for 1,500 words a day, but I tend to settle for anything over a thousand.  It is possible of course, to smash out loads.  My best ever day is around 3,500ish, I think.  Other days getting a few hundred down is like pulling teeth.  I tend to be fastest with a big action scene, usually when I’m starting out a chapter and can dart from one bit to another, writing whatever snippets come to me, or I’ve thought about before, slapping down dialogue with broad strokes.  Later comes the more laborious work of gradually filling in the gaps between the more inspiring sections, and going over those sections to make sure they work, I haven’t frequently repeated myself or turned a sword into an axe without realising.  Often it’s the descriptive bits that I find take the most intensive effort.