Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - MOI, Ch. 10

Over at, Amanda and Bill have collected their thoughts on Chapter 10 of Memories of Ice:
With Buke and Gruntle here, we also see a discussion on the idea of sacrificing a few in favour of saving many—what with Buke contemplating the idea of pointing the two necromancers in the direction of the Pannions, and trying to disrupt the murders that will be committed before that can take place.
Ouch—the idea of a siege taking place outside a city within which two competing factions loathe each other really doesn’t bode well, does it?
And here we get a first glimpse at the forces arrayed against Capustan, and their allied forces. Around eighty thousand regular soldiers, and then the ravening horde of Tenescowri. (Which currently remind me greatly of the Reavers from Firefly!) Erikson never puts his characters into easy situations, does he? Itkovian’s reaction says it all, “A starving horde, and seeing them crumbled the professional detachment with which Itkovian had viewed Kulpath’s legions. He had left the walls, shaken for the first time in his life.”