When Publishing Goes Awry - Bitter Seeds

In Arpil 2010 Ian Tregillis' alternate history novel Bitter Seeds was published.  The many fans of the book are wondering where the sequel is, and it turns out, so is Ian Tregillis:

I've been trying to figure out how to write this post for a couple of weeks. 
There are two reasons for the difficulty.  First and foremost, this topic makes me feel helpless, and furious, and very very depressed.  Second, I've been dithering over how much of this I can talk about in public.  The very last thing I'd ever want to do is sound like a disgruntled troublemaker. 
I suppose my agent and I might have considered changing editors when the topic first came up in February, 2009.  But hindsight is always 20/20.  I had no intention of breaking with my current editor, whose body of work I greatly respect and admire.   But if I had known this would cost us so much time, I would have done it then.
The full post is here (look down the page for 'Milkweed Update'), and it's a very interesting read, but a depressing one; proof that publishing a critically and financially successful first novel is no guarantee of a smooth process from that point forward.



  1. There's a silver lining in it for him. He gained at least one person who may give his initial book a whirl, when i'd probably never known about it without his blog being posted here.

  2. Yay! I think you'll dig it Pops :)


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