Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - MOI, Ch. 3&4

Amanda and Bill are up to chapters 3&4 on their re-read of Memories of Ice, here:
Ha, this book is just so much fun to read. *grins* I adore sentences like those where Tool reveals he used the flat of his blade to defeat Thurule, and Mok turns slowly to regard him. I love it where we find that Anomander Rake is demanded to take his place as the Seventh of the Segulah. There are so many bits of this book that make me thrill to read it. The confusion of Gardens of the Moon has faded; the readjustment of changing continents and conflicts is removed; Memories of Ice is just all out fun so far.
Also, Tor is soliciting any questions you may have for Steven Erikson about Deadhouse Gates, here:
The procedure is somewhat the same as it was when Gardens of the Moon and Night of Knives were wrapped up. Post your questions (or questions) to Steven in the below comments. We’ll collect and sort them all on Monday morning and send them off to Steven for answers.
And that's everything.  I'm almost done my re-read of Midnight Tides, and have decided it is one of my very favourite Malazan novels.  Perhaps it's the fact that there are really only two story spaces, making it easier to follow; perhaps it's that the plot has a really strong axis of forward motion (the Edur and Letheri are on a collision course), or perhaps it's just that I so love Tehol and Bugg?  Maybe all of those things.