Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - MOI, Ch. 2&3

Amanda and Bill are discussing chapters 2 & 3 of Memories of Ice over on the Tor site:
Oho, now this I love... Who immediately assumed, on seeing the name Corporal Picker, that this was a male soldier? I confess I did—and then had that turned on its head and ended up feeling a little ashamed of the fact my assumption was about a male soldier! Erikson does this brilliantly. I cannot think of very many female characters in his novels who are characterised by the fact that they ARE female. Felisin probably comes the closest, and even with her it is more about the ills that are carried out against her because she is female. Her being female is crucial to her storyline, but the point never over-laboured.
 Memories of Ice is my favourite book, not only of this series, but of all time, so it's much fun to follow along with this re-read.  It's like a refresher course on why I love this novel so much.