The Cold Commands - Finished!

Richard Morgan reports on his blog that he has completed the first draft (he uses the phrase rough cut, which I've never heard applied to a book) of his new book The Cold Commands:

Of course, this is all slightly deceptive.  There’s actually a fair bit of work still to be done.  The rough cut goes out to Simon Spanton at Gollancz tomorrow, and I now have to back up and read the whole manuscript through from scratch, trying to form some kind of overall impression of where we’ve been and what we’ve ended up with.  There’ll be tweaking, there’ll be proofing, there’ll be polish to layer on – less at the front end than the back, since the earliest sections have been buffed smooth with a couple of years of constant revisiting and revising as the story inched its way forward.  The back end, though, is probably still altogether too cask-strength rough and ready in places.  Will need tempering.
 He also provides a list of the music he listened to while writing the novel; almost none of which I've heard of.  When did I stop listening to music with lyrics?