Ingredients for a Fantasy Battle

Joe Abercrombie, author of repute and editor (even though he may not be working as an editor any longer, he still is one: editing is like alcoholism, you're constantly recovering from it) has posted a list of great film battles:
Perhaps the most famous battle scene in all of sword-based fantasy fiction is brought triumphantly to life in Jackson’s adaptation. The second film as a whole lacks quite the mastery of the first, but there’s no knocking the battle as King Theoden’s riders are besieged in an ancient fortress by Saruman’s army of Uruk-Hai. Fantasy film offers no more complete and compelling vision, or indeed anything that comes close, and the trilogy was, for me, a watershed moment for the fantasy genre. Suddenly, wizards could be cool. And very profitable. Also features a man with fake ears surfing down some steps on a shield but, hey, you can’t have everything.
Some good choices there; I would have included something from Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven but it's likely Joe considers that movie wanky twaddle; many do.