A Break In The Signal

A soil, exhausted by the long culture of Pagan empires, was to lie fallow for a still longer period.  
- John Lothrop Motley 

Work has been extremely intense for the past two months, leaving me little time and energy to devote to The Crooked Crow, and based on schedule projections the pressure won’t ease up for another month or two.  But, there are things that need pointing to, pockets of information that must be released to the void, so here’s a bullet point-style rundown of that which has managed to pierce the veil (ordered as they occur to me):

~I finished Val Gunn’s novel In The Shadow Of Swords and must find time to write up my thoughts.  The Pull Quote: Terrific world-building, awesome female player, clumsy narrative tricks.

~C.C. James, PR Monarch at Seventh Star Press sent me a magical box containing Steven Shrewsbury’s new novel Thrall, the first two books in Stephen Zimmer’s Fires in Eden series, and a variety of posters and promotional materials.  Mr. Zimmer even graciously signed and personalized the two editions of his novels.  Muchly thanks to all and I promise to get to these interesting looking objects once my backlog has lightened.

~I devoured the first novel in K.J. Parker’s Engineer Trilogy; had a hard time swallowing part two (it’s so wide!), and am working on part three.  Am still in love with Parker’s voice.  Starting to doubt the rumour that Parker is female.  Will write at length about this when time permits.

~Ian C. Esslmont’s Stonewielder has been sitting on my desk for almost two months.  Need to do something about that.

~In a weird collision of my interests, Pat Rothfuss interviewed Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade

~Kate Elliot wrote about ‘how to keep going’: Advice For Teen Writers 

~Amanda and Bill have proceeded with their Malazan Re-Read of the Fallen, and are up to Chapters 6 & 7 of Deadhouse Gates 

~Joe Abercrombie announced a deal for four more books set in the world of The First Law Trilogy. 

And... that’s it, I think.  I really want to read Stonewielder, and the titles sent to me by Seventh Star, and some things by Mark Charan Newton, and N.K. Jemesin and something called The Necromancer Chronicles by Amanda Downum.  Plus, this year will see the arrivals of new Erikson, Rothfuss, Lynch (hopefully: feel better Scott, we send you good energy) and Morgan.  I may need to stop working for a bit just to get caught up.