Chain Mail

This week I received a cryptic piece of mail from someone asking: "Where is fox pass?"  Given the nature of this site (and my own obsessions) I immediately took it to be a location in an RPG the person was playing, but if it is, it's not part of a game I've played.  A quick google revealed a band by that name, a myspace account and some other bits and bobs, but nothing that resembled a map or clue I could hand to this person.

I also got an enquiry from Seventh Star Press asking if I'd like to review Thrall, the latest novel from Steven Shrewsbury (yes please!) and K.J. Parker taught me (via Devices and Desires) how to make boiled leather, and explained that if you want to make the leather even harder you should use melted beeswax but you have to be careful on a hot day.