Stonewielder in the Malazan Timeline

If you're wondering where Stonewielder falls in the sprawling Malazan timeline. Pat has the answer for you:

Many of you have been asking me where Ian Cameron Esslemont's Stonewielder fits in the Malazan timeline. Obviously, the tale takes place a few months following the events from Return of the Crimson Guard, but I couldn't say for sure beyond that.

So I went ahead and asked Esslemont, and here's his response:

As to timing. Stonewielder certainly follows Return of the Crimson Guard, by about ten months or so. Because timing is tight, the further I can push it back the better. Certain continuity limitations must apply, however. Putting it between Reaper's Gale and Toll the Hounds is a good place, but one might think of it as more current with Toll the Hounds.



There you have it! ;-)