The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - NoK Ch. 2&3

Amanda and Bill continue their Malazan Re-read of the Fallen with chapters 2&3 of Night of Knives:
I thought the descriptive passage of the motley band in the inn was a skillful way to introduce the mix of races and conquered groups and thus do a bit of world-building. Skillful because it made perfect sense in the context of scene: Temper would of course be carefully scrutinizing everyone in the group, looking for points of weakness or danger, places to poke and prod, possible allies, etc. So to settle on individuals or small groups for a time and catalog who they were, what they were like, feels natural, rather than an artificial moment of authorial intrusion.
I really liked this book and will enjoy again sending some time with Temper and Kiska.  This is clearly a first novel - the scope is small, and some of the characterization is a bit wonky - but there is a scene with Temper and Dassem Ultor that, line by line, rivals anything Erikson ever did in the main sequence of novels.