The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - GOTM Ch. 24 & Epilogue

Even after having some of my edges ground off by Life, I still try to be an optimistic entity.  Witness the titles for these Malazan  posts: I included the book title because I hoped that, after they were done with the first book, Amanda and Bill would move on to the second, and then the third and so on.  Amanda signs off announcing that she is moving on to Ian Esslemont's Knight of Knives.  Hopefully Bill will follow along.

Anyway, here is the final entry for the re-read:
Anyway, Gardens of the Moon...I started the novel with confusion and no little frustration as people I didn’t know had conversations I didn’t understand. But then gradually my understanding expanded, my desire to know more about the world grew and I immersed myself more fully in GotM. By the time the big finale came, I was a little bit in love with virtually all the characters, and I definitely don’t want to get off this ride!
My own re-read left this experiment behind long ago.  I'm now perhaps a third through House of Chains (previously my least favourite in the sequence) and I think reading it so close behind the first three books has helped with the confusion and dislocation I experienced.  Karsa's journey didn't seem to take as long this time around and I feel much more cognizant of who everyone is and why they're doing what they're doing.  My admiration and love for this series only deepens.