The Heroes - Review

Speculative Horizons has posted a lengthy review of Joe Abercrombie's upcoming novel, The Heroes:
As always, everything is delivered and bound up in Abercrombie's distinctive style. You know when you're reading an Abercrombie book, and that instant recognition is a very useful thing for any author to have in their locker. There's the dark wit that was often lacking inBest Served Cold, and this humour provides a nice counterpoint to the bleakness and violence. Furthermore, The Heroes is primarily a war novel, and is full of wry details and observations about the nature of war and how it affects people in different ways. The story arc of Beck, in particular, is a good example of this (even if it feels a little contrived and predictable). Subsequently, the use of the word 'heroes' in the title has various meanings: a reference to the physical stones, an ironic play on the nature of the men involved in the struggle, and so on. War, as The Heroes ably demonstrates, is a confusing, messy business.
I guess I was one of the few who really liked Best Served Cold, but it sounds like Joe has had a growth spurt between that novel and this one.  I'm a bit disheartened to read about the dearth of compelling female characters but will have to see for myself when The Heroes is published early next year.