A Dance With Dragons nearly done?

The word coming out of the New York Comic Con is that A Dance With Dragons, George R.R. Martin's long-delayed fifth book in his Game of Thrones series, is nearing completion.  Anne Groell, senior editor at Bantam Spectra has this to say:
"We're hoping to have a finished manuscript by Christmas. He's told me he has five chapters left and bits of each chapter are done. He really wants it done by the end of the year. We really—I mean really—want to announce the pub date in January."
I think the world Martin created for his series is bland (too much adherence to the rules of chivalry) but there's no denying what an amazing storyteller he is.  I loved the first three books (and was a bit cool on book 4, which focused on characters I cared less about) and I'm excited about book 5 which supposedly returns the focus to Dany and her dragons.

Many Martin fans have grown tired of waiting for him to finish this sequence, and have been fairly vocal in their disapproval when it appears that he's off doing other things, like watching football, rather than slaving away for them 24/7.  I say, give him a break: do you want it to be quick, or do you want it to be good?



  1. I wanted it quick AND good, but I'm shellfish. :)

  2. You're just crabby :o


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