Questions for Steven Erikson

As the Malazan Re-read of the Fallen wraps up over at, Amanda and Bill plan to mark the completion of Book 1 by having Steven Erikson stop by to answer questions:
Next week we will be wrapping up Gardens of the Moon in our Malzan reread with a look at the last chapter and epilogue and then a broad reaction to the book as a whole. The following week Steven Erikson will be here answering selected questions.
Selected from where, you ask? Why, from here, of course! From you few, you happy few, you band of rereaders... So think of what you’d like to ask Steven (just Steven on this one, Cam will do the same at the end of our Night of Knivesdiscussion) and put the question in the comments here or in this Wednesday’s coming reread discussion thread.
We’ll compile them all, weed out any repetitions, then send them along to Steven for his answers (or non-answers as may be the case—you know these author types). So start the questions coming; the sooner the better.
 So, if you have things to ask Mr. Erikson, or if you just want to say thanks for a remarkable series, head over to the comments section of this page and leave your mark.