The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen - GOTM Ch. 18 & 19

Bill and half of Amanda (who is on holiday) continue their re-read of the Malazan series.  They are up tp chapters 18 & 19 of Gardens of the Moon:
Erikson employs one of his usual suspense techniques here, shifting between POVs and scenes quickly so the reader is constantly left wondering. Is Coll going to make it? Is Rallick? Will Paran break the sword? Will Rallick get Mallet in time? Will Mallet be able to heal Coll? Erikson shows some good decision-making as well in breaking up the whirlwind of tension with some humor as Mallet examines the wound and discovers “someone’s stuffed this with herbs!”
 Also today. Kate Elliot's new book Cold Magic became available for download on iBooks.  I have a few titles jostling to be the next book I read but this may be the front runner.  A trip to North Bay this weekend may be just what I need to burn through Kate's latest.