Excerpt Day - Morgan and Abercrombie

Both Richard Morgan and Joe Abercrombie are pointing from their blogs to excerpts from their incoming novels.  Don't click the links if you want to go into these books knowing nothing at all.  Otherwise, have at it.  The Heroes link includes the full first chapter.

Richard Morgan's The Cold Commands, and from Joe Abercrombie (via the Gollancz websiteThe Heroes.

I'm excited about both these tiles and can't wait to take delivery of them.  This is turning out to be quite the year for contemporary fantasy fiction, what with the finale of the Malazan series, a new Malazan novel from Ian C. Esslemont, new books from Mssrs. Morgan and Abercrombie, plus, maybe, perhaps, possibly long-delayed sequels from Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Lynch.

I must be careful not to read them too fast and get a too-much-fantasy headache.