Stonewielder - Cover Art

Pat, of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, has turned up some cover art for Stonewielder, Ian Cameron Esslemont's upcoming Malazan novel.

Gorgeous!  Equally as nice as the art for Return of the Crimson Guard, the previous installment in Esslemont's sequence.  

From the publisher:
As promised, attached are an early glimpse of our cover-in-progress for Stonewielder PLUS the first few pages (13 in all I think) of Cam’s new novel. As always, I’d stress that these are uncorrected, might well change and not-to-be reproduced without permission etc. All being well, Stonewielder: A Novel of the Malazan Empire by Ian C. Esslemont with be published by Bantam Press hardcover on 25th November 2010.

Also, Malazan Empire has an extract from the novel which you can read here (or not, if you don't want to spoil anything). 

Stonewielder is set to be published November 25th 2010.