Richard Morgan - Update

Richard Morgan is primarily a sci-fi author, but last year he published a fantasy novel called The Steel Remains, which I enjoyed enormously.  Since then he's been toiling away on a follow up, called either The Cold Commands or The Dark Commands, and it looks like he's getting close to being finished.  From his blog:
So here’s where we are: my UK publishers, who’ve carried these delays with much good grace, have set a putative publication date of April 2011.  That means that I need to deliver the manuscript by some time in early Autumn this year.  As the pressures of game deadlines ebbs a bit, and as my six month sabbatical from prose whets my appetite to get back to it, this is looking reasonably do-able.  I’m actually starting to inch forward in the narrative, and I have – possibly a side effect of writing a lot of game and tie-in comic-book treatments recently – a clearer overall idea of where the book will go than at any time in the last two years.  It may take a while to get there, but at least I have a map.  And the good news is that, looking at that map, it seems me this book is likely to be a good deal longer than The Steel Remains; so if you liked Ringil and Co’s first outing, there should be about half as much again to like this time around.
So, that's encouraging.  I'm anxious to see what Ringil has been doing with his time since the events of the first novel.