Abercrombie - Progress Report

Over on his blog, Joe Abercrombie has posted a progress report on the editing of his upcoming novel The Heroes.  
Progress on the editing and revision of The Heroes presses doggedly forward.  I’ve finished a second draft which means I now have a complete and hopefully coherent book considerably tighter, more focused, slightly simplified, and lacking in characters who suddenly disappear and are never mentioned again.  It’s also some nine thousand words shorter than the first draft.  Readers sometimes get nervous about these kind of cuts (don’t destroy those valuable words!  That’s two whole short stories!) but believe me when I say these cuts are nothing you’d want to keep.  Only one thing even approaching a full scene was cut, and that one was crap, added nothing to the story, and contained nothing either particularly witty or exciting – that’s why it got cut.  The rest is all sharpening shoddy paragraphs, removing repetitive dialogue, and tightening up at the micro level.  A short story made from the bits cut out is nothing anyone would want to read, believe me, and the book benefits in the same way a boxer might from sweating out a few pounds before a fight.

The Heroes has a U.K. publication date of Jan 20, 2011.  I can't wait.